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Wedding pictures with your bridle car. 100 stunning photo inspirations.

Many bridal couples consciously choose a special wedding car, because it is definitely a memorable moment on the wedding day to drive up in a really nice car. In order to capture this memory for eternity, the bridal car should also play a role in the photo shoot and can also be perfectly staged. With an extraordinary wedding car as a photo backdrop, you can create either classic, super creative or wonderfully romantic shots. We have collected over 100 photos for you as inspiration for your bridal couple shooting with your wedding car.

Hope you enjoy it!

The classic: posing in front of the bridal car

In the classic wedding photos with the bridal car, the couple stands in front of, next to or behind the car. Classic couple poses are mostly used here. However, unusual photos can also be taken here through more creative poses or perspectives.

Bring some action into your pictures

How about a little more creativity and some dynamic action? Bring movement into your pictures or try out more unusual poses for your wedding photos. Jump, dance, cheer or do something else fun.

The bridal car as a "stage"

Use everything the car has to offer as a "stage". If you have chosen a convertible as your wedding car, then sit on the backrest. Sit in the trunk, on the roof or on the bumper. Depending on which car you have chosen, you can stage it in its own special way.

Perspective: about angles and blurring effects

Unusual angles and the use of depth of field often result in very exciting pictures that definitely add a special touch to your wedding album.

Window pictures

By using the car window as a frame you can create very interesting photos. In our opinion, those photos should not be missing in your repertoire when shooting with the wedding car, as very beautiful effects can arise.

The Newlyweds inside the wedding car

The same applies here as for the image categories before. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to photos inside the car. Whether entering, exiting, in front or on the back seat. There are so many great options. Just have fun.

I hope you were inspired by our selection of photos and you implement a few ideas in your shoot! ;-)

Dearest greetings


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