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  • How does the bride shuttle service work?
    We also offer our Bulli as a shuttle service. We are happy to drive bridal couples from the hotel to the church or from the church to the venue for your celebration. You are welcome to send us a non-binding request!
  • How does the Photo Both service work?
    The Photobus has a built-in Photo Booth (also known as a photo box, photo booth or (Spanish) Fotomaton) that your guests can use to take a picture of themselves on the bus using a self-timer. A few seconds after each photo session, a photo with a series of 4 photos is printed out, which we stick in a ready-made photo album. Your guests can immediately view their pictures on an iPad terminal and send them to each other via email. Later, the images will be available for you to download free of charge from an online gallery. At the end of the day you will receive your photo album full of funny moments and beautiful memories. If you are interested, just write us a message!
  • Who can rent the Photobus?
    Anyone who wants to have the most beautiful photo booth on the island and want to offer their guests an additional party highlight. The Photobus goes to weddings, company events, trade fair events, birthday parties, anniversaries, beach parties and all other cool events. Here appointment requests!
  • Are there accessories to dress up?
    Of course! To ensure that the photo booth at your wedding or event is guaranteed to be a hit, the right costume accessories are an absolute must. We provide you with a large suitcase full of accessories that will make taking pictures a lot of fun. The accessories consist of a fun mix of glasses, hats, wigs and other quirky items. On request, we can also offer the right accessories for a specific motto or for the season (e.g. Halloween parties or Christmas celebrations).
  • Can I see the Photobus beforehand?
    Of course! Just make an appointment with us by email: and you can enjoy the uniqueness of the Convince Buses personally.
  • What if my event is indoors?"
    No problem! As long as the bus fits through a gate and we have some space around it on each side, we can also park the photo bus inside. The dimensions of the bus are 2.00 m (width) x 4.50 m (length) x 2.40 m (height).
  • What does the Photobus need on site?
    All the Photobus needs is enough space to park, some space around for your guests and access to a regular power outlet. That's all. We'll do the rest. The dimensions of the bus are 2.00 m (width) x 4.50 m (length) x 2.30 m (height). So we need an area of about 5 x 5 meters. However, the more space we have, the better, so that the photobus really comes into its own.
  • What is the best time for the photobooth during a wedding reception?
    For wedding celebrations, we should be ready when the guests arrive. There is already a nice highlight for your guests at the champagne reception and the photo bus ensures smiling faces and a relaxed atmosphere. We then leave by midnight so that we don't compete with the DJ and your guests can concentrate on the dance floor. ;-)
  • Is there also individual "branding" for the Photobus?"
    We can customize the photo strips with your name, lettering or logo. For company events, there is also the option of labeling the Photobus with your logo - this means we can offer you an extraordinary advertising space that will definitely generate a lot of attention. We are also happy to adapt the Photobus to the event with an individual decoration. We would be happy to make you a special offer for this. Just send us an email.
  • Are the images printed out directly?
    Of course! Just a few seconds after the photo session, each series of 4 images is printed out in a size of 10x15cm. Like at the passport photo machine only faster and nicer! The printout can then be pasted and signed by your guests in a photo album provided for you. Your guests can email each series of photos directly to themselves. If you would like several printouts, we will make you an offer.
  • Can you get the photos digitally?
    Yes, in addition to the possibility of emailing the pictures directly on site, you will receive a link to an online gallery with all the pictures from the Photobus 1-2 days after your event. You can then share the link with your guests and you can download all the pictures again for free.
  • How much does the Photobus or the Bridal Shuttle Service cost?
    The bridal shuttle service depends on the arrival and the total time we are on duty. The rental price for the Photobus depends on the number of hours on site, the distance to the location, the number of guests, the day of the week and the time of year as well as any special requests you may have. Just send us a message using the contact form and we'll send you a non-binding offer.
  • Why is the Bulli called Teresa?
    The bus previously belonged to a nunnery in Brazil. As a reminder of its history, we have named the Bus Teresa, after the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa.
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