How does the Photo Booth service work?

The bus has a photo booth inside – facing towards the back seats of the bus. Guests sitting on one of the benches in the rear of the bus can take self-portraits with the aid of simple-to-use touch screen menu. Within seconds of each photo session, a glossy, high-res printout with 4 individual images which we stick into a photo album for you. Guests can send photos per email at the end of the session. Later all photos will be available to download from an online gallery. When the event ends, you will receive an album capturing all of the beautiful moments you and your guests enjoyed together in the Photobus. If you are interested, simply send us a message!

Who can hire the Photo Booth?

Anyyone interested in the most beautiful Photo Booth on the island...and providing their guests with an unforgettable, unique highlight. The Photobus drives to weddings, corporate events, trade fairs, birthdays, anniversaries, beach parties and any other cool event. Make an enquiry now!

How does the Wedding Shuttle service work?

We take wedding couples from their hotel to the church or from the church to their reception – or both. Enquire here for a quote.

Why is the bus called "Teresa”?

The bus belonged to a nuns' convent in Brazil. In memory of her services, we named her "Teresa” – after the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa.

What happens if my event takes place inside a building?

No problem. Our bus measures 2,00m wide x 4,50m long x 2,40m high. As long as the bus fits through an entrance, and we have enough space to open the doors and manouvre it into position, we can also park the bus inside.

Can I view the Photobus before my event?

Of course. Send us an email to make a viewing appointment: hello@photobus-mallorca.com. We would love to present Teresa to you.

What does the bus need on location?

All the bus needs is enough space to park, and access to an electric socket. That’s all we need. Other than that we need a space of approximately 5 x 5m, based on the bus dimensions (2,00m wide x 4,50m long x 2,40m high). Of course the more space we have around the bus, the better we can present it to your guests.

Does the Photobus need WLAN (WiFi) access?

No. We use our own mobile technology to establish a private and secure WiFi access for the uploading and/or sending of your photos. Should the mobile network signal prove too weak, photos will be sent as soon as the signal improves.

When is it best to enjoy the Photobus during a wedding reception?

At receptions we should always arrive before the guests. When they do arrive, our beautiful bus display is guaranteed to cause "oooohs" and "aaaahs" – a great conversation enabler that will help to relax guests and get them into the swing of things. The Photo Booth is a favourite at receptions for other reasons, too. Guests are easily animated, and love the "creative" break from the traditional routines most wedding receptions follow. Latest at 12pm we usually depart, leaving happy guests with more than enough time to hit the dance floor ;-)

Is individual "branding" available for the Photobus?

We can offer individual branding on the photo prints – such as your names, or a corporate logo. For corporate events we can take it a step further by displaying your company logo on the bus – an eye-catching, mobile form of advertising for your company or event. On request we can also decorate the bus to suit your requirements. Just send as an Email and we can provide you with an individual non-binding offer!

Are the photos printed out on location and during the event?

Of course! Within a few seconds of each session, our standard format prints (10 x 15cm) will be available at the booth – just like passport photo booths, but in a luxury, professional quality. Each print has 4 separate images of your guests having fun in the booth which we will paste into a photo album for you. On request we can print an additional set of prints out for you – just talk to us!

Are the photos available in digital form, too?

Yes, in addition to being able to post photos in social media on location (if desired), you will receive a link per email 1-2 days after the event which will enable you to view and download the photos from an online gallery. This way you can share photos with your guests, and download them for free.

What does the Wedding Shuttle or Photobus cost?

Our service costs depend on the number of hours you wish to hire. Just send us your details of your event via contact formular and we will send you a non-binding offer as soon as possible.

Are "dressing-up" (Photo Props) accessories available?

Of course! To make your event as memorable and entertaining as possible, we offer a wide selection of accessories in a retro suitcase in the bus – from nutty glasses and hats, to false beards, moustaches and wigs – guaranteed to cause more than just a chuckle. On request you can also reach out to us should you have a particular theme in mind, e.g. Woodstock, Halloween, or even an Oktoberfest (ve kan help, jawohl!).